The Witcher 2 Mod Tools Detailed at GamesCom

Earlier this month we reported that The Witcher 2's upcoming mod tools would appear at GamesCom, and now the Polish developer has provided footage of just that. Though actual footage of the tools themselves looks to be a bit unclear, what's not unclear are the statements made by CD Projekt RED. The tools will allow not just minor changes to gameplay, but look to be pretty much the full package of game creation elements that CD Projekt used to make the game in the first place.

As such, players can add new environments and levels, new quests, new characters and conversations, and even do their own scripting via an intuitive flow graph system.  While making an entirely new game might be a bit beyond their scope, entirely brand-new stand-alone campaigns definitely look like a possibility. While The Witcher didn't have the most bustling mod community compared to titles like Neverwinter Nights, perhaps with these tools, that will change. I certainly know I'd look forward to an updated version of the game containing the best of the community's mods, much like what happened with The Witcher: Enhanced Edition a few years ago.