Planescape: Torment Podcast Post-mortem

No doubt partially inspired by all the recent talk of a spiritual successor to the title, the folks at Eurogamer have put together a podcast post-mortem for Planescape: Torment, helped by the title's lead design Chris Avellone, writer/designer Colin McComb, Adam Heine, scripter on the title, and Scott Warner, junior designer on the title and currently lead designer on Halo 4 (weird how this industry can work at times).

In the course of the post-mortem interview the reception of the title, the developers' fond memories of working on the title, the prospect of a Kickstarter-fueled spiritual successor and more are all discussed, how the D&D rules sometimes got in the way of gameplay, the weaknesses and strengths of the game and more are discussed, for a total of about one hour of dense talking.

Thanks RPGCodex.