Brian Fargo on Wasteland 2 Development

In the course of his keynote speech for this year's Unite conference, Brian Fargo talked about the state of Wasteland 2's development, and how much the lack of corporate oversight and the choice of Unity as an engine have helped. Here's an excerpt:
"We've been working on Wasteland 2 for about 100 days, with no distractions from any kind of corporate overlord," he said. "We have hundreds of pages of design done, we have our first music in, we have our basic UI up-and-running, and we've taken our first screenshots.

"The bottom line is that, without any interruption, we're kicking ass."


"Corporations don't have artistic integrity; people do. This sort of integrity impacts on production and how a property is exploited... There are employees of these organisations that have this integrity, but they don't have the power to do anything about it.

"The best creative work we're seeing is from creative people who have the power, or the financing, to control their destinies... These visionaries can be within an organisation: Rockstar would not achieve the level of quality it does if Sam Houser wasn't running that place with an iron fist. He's not a corporation; he's a person."

Fargo listed several other examples to support his thesis, all of which have either total creative control or financial independence to take their time and pursue their ideas: Shigeru Miyamoto, Yu Suzuki, Hideo Kojima, Ken Levine, Valve, Blizzard, Epic Games.

"They can keep the craziness at bay," he said.