Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 15: Song of Druid's Deep Details and Screenshots

Accompanying some additional details about Dungeons & Dragons Online's Update 15: Song of Druid's Deep content patch are a large batch of screenshots depicting the new Outbreak, Overgrowth, and Thorn and Paw adventures, as well as a handful of screens showing off the new Monster Manual feature. Remember, this one launches on August 20th:
When a strange plague afflicts the tranquil village of Eveningstar and plunges it into chaos, the call goes out for heroes to track the problem to its source and stomp it out! Players will face Yellow Musk Creepers, massive Wood Woads, and more through four treacherous dungeons in an all new adventure pack free to VIPs:

Lend a hand within Eveningstar Hospital where the desperate head priest struggles to keep a new epidemic under control. As the strange illness spreads, someone must venture inside the quarantined halls to search for a cure. Be careful of the infected patients who grow increasingly violent as the illness takes hold! The fate of the village lies in your ability to find and administer a cure in time!

Hack your way into Uthe Lodge, the local smuggler's den, where a corruption of nature has taken hold. Something has caused vines and leaves to grow rampantly over the entire building and lumbering Wood Woads move in the shadows. Follow the vines and corruption to their source deep within the lodge. There are signs that someone else has infiltrated the troubled lodge but whom, and to what end, is anyone's guess.

Thorn and Paw
The situation becomes dire when new evidence suggests that the druids of Thorngap, protectors of King's Forest, have themselves become infected. Descend into the caves and twisted hollow within the woods to seek out Halsaime, the druids' famed leader, for answers. Tread carefully for bears, wolves, and nature itself will seek to stop you at every turn!

In addition to the Song of Druid's Deep adventure pack, Update 15 also adds the Monster Manual: Volume 2. Players can continue their mastery of Dungeons & Dragons creatures and complete entries on ten new monster types and earn great rewards including cosmetic pets, Turbine Points, useful consumables, and XP.