Nuclear Union Interview and Preview

1C and Best Way's post-apocalyptic RPG Nuclear Union is on the show floor of GamesCom this week, and that leads us to a couple of non-English articles that are worthy of your hard-pressed time. First, there's a tech-specific interview with director of game design Julia Romanova on
PCGH: PC gamers place value on high-resolution textures, soft shadows and other visual bonuses - how does it look in terms of rendering features, respectively, in the Nuclear Gem3 Union?

Best Way (Julia Romanova): As for the rendering, the Gem3 supports all want players: Tiefenunschärfte (depth of field), on beam and gloss effects (Bloom & Glow), reflections and refractions, HDR rendering, multi-sample anti-aliasing (MSAA), ambient occlusion (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, SSAO), volumetric fog and a particle system. On top of that there's motion blur (motion blur), and parallax mapping, and we put much emphasis on atmospheric presentation. For this purpose we use the Global Illumination (global illumination) of Geomerics, Enlighten [Anm.dR: as well as recordable Battlefield 3].

And then we get a new preview, courtesy of
Embodied in the Soviet officer who was one of the pilots discharging bomb. This means that at the start of game play it is at least seventy years, and yet it still looks young. The discovery of the secret of this phenomenon and learn the truth about what happened to the hero of the last five decades, it has to be one of the main themes that drive the plot. Before the answers to these questions, the mass obviously waiting for us adventurers. Fun start to break through the destroyed streets of Moscow to the center, where they located the new capital of the Soviet Union, which is mostly underground city called Pebedograd. There we will find someone of higher degree, and we pass it the report of a war. Nuclear Authors Union have broad ambitions of fiction, so during the campaign we will be faced with difficult moral choices ground and most of them will be black and white.

Destroyed the power of the atom game world similar to what we saw in the STALKER series has passed since the nuclear apocalypse half a century, so devastated streets and abandoned houses and vehicles took over the possession of the vegetation. Everything has a specific, dirty and rusted colors, which have accustomed us to the eastern productions of this type . Radiation caused a series of horrific natural mutation. During the short presentation, I had the opportunity to see such giant spiders and wasps, and grotesque monsters mutated in humans. There will also be common thugs who, by arming can often be much more dangerous than any monsters.