Telepath Tactics August Update Comes With User-created Campaign

For the latest Telepath Tactics monthly design update, Sinister Design's Craig Stern informs us that the game will offer the option for users to create and share their own single-player campaigns:
First and most importantly, Telepath Tactics now supports user-created campaigns! You may recall me mentioning last month that Telepath Tactics will have a single player campaign. Well, why limit it to just one? The game now supports an unlimited number of user-created single player campaigns, each with their own custom characters, battles, enemies, items, attacks, dialog, and even cut scenes.

All it takes to add a new campaign to your copy of the game is to download the campaign as a zipped folder, then unzip it into the Campaigns sub-folder; Telepath Tactics will automatically recognize the new campaign and add it to the list for you play. Simple as that! Creating a new campaign is simple, too: just create a new folder, copy-paste the game's default .xml files, then start editing and creating maps using any standard text editor and the Telepath Tactics map editor program.

User-created campaigns are always an appreciated thing in my book, so I have nothing else to say to this but "bravo".

Thanks RPGWatch.