Richard Garriott Asks for PvP Suggestions for His "Ultimate RPG"

I suppose that given Richard Garriott's insistence on his upcoming "Ultimate RPG" being, well, the ultimate online RPG, it makes sense that he'd solicit opinions on PvP from his Ultima Online fans. What strikes me as interesting of all this, though, is that it offers a glimpse of his intentions for the title's structure, and it doesn't seem to point out to the usual Facebook game fare:
We would like to provide an open UO style world, but we do not want to run off newbies. Please give me your ideas for and opinions about PvP in what you see as the Ultimate RPG.

An Ultima Online-like open world is something that, to my memory, we haven't been offered in quite some time, so I'll be interested in seeing if Garriott can still pull that off.