Eador: Masters of the Broken World Preview

While it's entirely in Russian, I figured it was still worth pointing the rest of our audience over to the translated version of a new Eador: Masters of the Broken World on PlayGround.ru. Here's what Google Translate has to say for us:
Each captured Province gives us a certain fixed income in the form of two basic resources: gold and crystals. There are in the game and additional resources that are not available everywhere. To those may include, for example, horses or mithril. Access to them, as you might guess, allows you to build new buildings, create useful artifacts or to hire additional types of units. At the provincial level of income can be influenced, for example, with the help of a local anti-corruption, increasing the efficiency of taxation. Provinces can be studied by assigning this task to their heroes. If you are lucky, they will be able to find some interesting places: the dragon's lair, the crypt of the undead, and all in the same spirit. Kill the guard and take away all their treasure - a process familiar, does not it? In the provinces, you can also perform special rituals to give their residents happy and send them to the epidemic. As they say, a matter of taste.

In strategic mode, we can also recruit heroes, generals who will lead our troops in a. Put one in each sector of the army will not work: every new character is much more than the previous. The most curious in the formation of our troops that they do not have a clear race. You do not forget that you are the Lord, to whom all mortals, in fact, equal? Representatives of the human race, however, can be hired without any constraints, but to replenish his troops what some devils, they first have to form an alliance. In addition, it is important to bear in mind that different soldiers can be very different outlook: they are good, evil and neutral. It should be borne in mind when combining his army, as a combination of such extremes of good and evil can be good to lower the final performance of your fighters.