12 Small Touches That Will Make Borderlands 2 a Big Hit

While I can't claim to be able to predict the future, I really wouldn't be surprised if Borderlands 2 indeed became a big hit, so the premise doesn't sound particularly weird to me when Mashable Entertainment decides to list 12 "small touches" that will help with that. The format relies on the images but that doesn't mean we can't quote a little bit:
6. Everyone Knows When You're Looking at Menus
b One of the problems with Borderlands occurred during co-op. You run off to the next quest, while your buddies just stand around behind you, likely because they're tweaking their inventories, looking at their quest screens or upgrading their skills.

Borderlands 2 solves this with a simple feature: If a character is browsing menus, a little replica of the menu screen appears in front of his avatar. Now you know why he is standing idly by during dangerous situations.