Borderlands Sold 6 Million Copies, Renewed Commitment to PC

I wasn't up to speed with Borderlands' sales data, but according to V247's transcripts of Randy Pitchford's speech at this year's Rezzed, the title has sold an impressive 6 million copies so far. In the same conference, Gearbox's CEO also renewed the commitment to PC the company has already shown through their Claptrap love letter, claiming the PC version of its sequel will be "the best looking" one.

Here's a snippet:
(With both BL1 and BL2, the PC version is the best looking, highest fidelity version of the game, but what we've learned, is that the details are important to you on the PC and we made a strong effort to improve those details in the product.)


(It's a miracle we did what we did with Borderlands 1 it's a big risk to build a new IP, Pitchford continued. (We spent every dollar we had on that game, and while we had a nice budget, it still had us confined to being rational and responsible of what is expected to happen.

(Fortunately BL1 was a tremendous success, millions and millions of units sold. We're at 6 million units sold right now, and that is exciting for a new IP -its unprecedented really.

(That means, we were able to put the budget into BL2 that it deserves a budget I wish we'd had for the first game and as such we can up some of our priorities.)