Dungeon Gate Preview

We haven't heard much about Wild Games Studio's Dungeon Gate since they announced a publisher and release date back in May, so it's nice to refresh our memory on the game's mechanics and overall direction by reading through this quick preview on Hooked Gamers. A snip:
The main selling point behind Dungeon Gate is the player's ability to drain and duplicate the DNA of any NPC they meet, be it a mighty ogre, a terrifying lich, or a simple chicken. The game is set in the world of Barrilian, a world besieged by dragons and other monsters and ruled by a vicious tyrant who is using his iron-clad rule over the populace to increase his own magical power.

Players step into the role of a young man named Dysan who, as mentioned earlier, possesses the unique ability to steal and copy the DNA of any creature he meets. Shape-shifting into different forms gives Dysan access to a variety of different attacks and spells and he can use these abilities not only in combat but also in puzzle-solving as well. Wild Games Studios also hints that shape-shifting into certain forms could drastically alter how the game's story plays out but sadly they are keeping the exact details close to the vest for now.