Borderlands 2 Preview

Next-Gen Gaming Blog is offering a new, short preview for Gearbox's Borderlands sequel, which promises to offer more loot-driven first-person action to those that enjoyed the original. Here's a snippet:
As before you've four weapon slots to fill, and we began with a familiar setup of shotgun, pistol, sniper rifle, and assault rifle. A lot of the promotional material for the game has focused on the different weapon manufacturers and how they give you different characteristics, and whilst we didn't get to explore this too heavily we certainly did feel a bigger scope in terms of what could make a weapon powerful as before there's stats to pore over nearly everywhere you look, and along with this new variable and an upped output from the system generated unique weapons, there's a huge number of variations on a common theme of things that go '˜bang'. Whilst there's no idea yet as to the size of the game in its entirity, it's already looking like those after top-end gear will be spending a lot of time grinding away for those extra couple of damage points.