The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard DLC Review

Whether you're interested in purchasing the add-on, waiting for its release on non-Xbox 360 platforms or have already bought it but want to read more opinions on it, you'll probably be interested in reading this review of Dawnguard from Eurogamer. The writer doesn't seem particularly enthusiastic about the DLC's additions and awards it a 7/10.
There's also a reasonably substantial optional quest concerning an ancient Dwemer forge, but that only triggers if you're in the habit of reading every book you come across or wandering the boundaries of the map at random. Additionally, high-level players cann look out for legendary dragons spawning at random to test their skills against.

Exhausting all of Dawnguard's goodies took the best part of a day, and it certainly didn't seem like time wasted. Mostly, however, this expansion feels like an excuse to get back into the game as it already existed - and for Bethesda to smuggle in some gameplay updates - rather than a coherent addition with anything new to say.

It's a strange one, then. Apart from the (sadly) expected Bethesda hiccups - erratic quest markers, odd spawn glitches - there's nothing really wrong with Dawnguard. At the same time, there's nothing here that demands 1600 Microsoft Points' worth of attention. If all you want is a solid side quest and some good loot, this will scratch that itch. If you were hoping for something more epic and ambitious, keep waiting.