Xenonauts Kickstarter Project Update #10, $123,000 and Counting

For the latest update to Xenonauts Kickstarter drive, the team showed a preview of the poster reward for the $50 reward tier and also reminds us of some of the stretch goals they still haven't reached, with only 3 days to go. It will be interesting to see what they manage to hit with the Kickstarter's last days spike. Here's an excerpt:
After some experimentation, we've settled on this design:


The design is intentionally simple - we've tried all sorts of variations with text but ultimately we found that it detracted from the overall effect. I think in this case it's better to let the art speak for itself, with only a subtle company logo to identify it.

We did try the game logo, but it didn't fit very well. If you think you can make it work, by all means have a go in Photoshop (details of how in the comments below) and we'll be happy to consider revisions to the poster design if you come up with something better!

The hard facts - this poster will be in A2 size (42.0cm × 59.4cm / 16.54in × 23.39in) and will be painted on 170gsm glossy paper. It's therefore going to be a fairly sizeable piece of art and should make a nice poster. Hopefully you'll all like it as much as we do.

The poster is available at the $50 pledge level and can be chosen as a reward on most of the tiers above that too. I'll also post a quick reminder here on a related topic - anywhere the reward tiers say "T-shirt" or "poster", you can swop either of those rewards for a physical DVD copy of the game or a second electronic key to give to a friend. The option to do this will be on the surveys sent out when the Kickstarter ends.

At time of writing, there's about four days left of the Kickster. We're sitting at $121,500 right now, so it's more than likely we'll reach $125k before the Kickstarter ends. Just to remind you all, at $125,000 we'll confirm adding the tileset-specific AI soldiers to the game - and this is within touching distance now!