The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard DLC Preview, Video Interview and Gameplay Footage

We were expecting info on Dawnguard, the first DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and we didn't get disappointed: we have rounded up a new preview, gameplay footage and even a video interview with game director Todd Howard, who revealed that the DLC is tentatively slated for a June 26th release.

GameInformer has a piece on their hands-on experience with it:
Skipping the side quests for the sake of time, I put on the blinders and march steadily toward the suspected location of Serana's mother. Along the way, the occasion skeleton pops out of the ground. Dispatching these minor hindrances doesn't take more than a few shots of the crossbow (which has 31 damage), and the new Dawnguard armor provides plenty of protection. After shattering a few skeletons with the crossbow I decide to test out the vampiric abilities.

Like being a werewolf in the Companion quests, you transform into the Nosferatu-like vampire lord by pressing the right bumper. Once you take this dastardly form, you can make devastating melee attacks or cast spells from afar. The vampires are given a few unique powers as well. Vampire Servant allows you to reanimate a low-level corpse to aid in your battle for 60 seconds, and Vampire Sight grants you night vision for 60 seconds. You can also use vampires tiny bony wings to fly for a short period of time by hitting the left bumper.

After taking down a few more skeletons we finally arrive at the hideout of Serana's mother. She's not happy to see her daughter, and even less happy she brought a stranger along for the reunion. As the two converse, I start to piece together what's going on. Her mother was once in possession of two Elder Scrolls, which her estranged husband Harkon needs to end the tyranny of the sun and bring permanent darkness over the earth. Obviously this would allow vampires to roam the earth unhindered, but the cost of achieving this is too high for the mother. As she explains to her daughter, to do this Harkon needs Auriel's Bow and the ritual sacrifice of Serana. To protect her vampiric offspring, the mother had forced Serana into hiding.

While G4 offers a video interview with Todd Howard, who explains what convinced the team to introduce vampire lords and crossbow with the DLC and how the new mechanics work, and a chock-full of footage extended gameplay preview.