Mass Effect Producer Interview

The latest in-house Q&A to reach the BioWare Blog is with Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble, who answers a fistful of questions about his personal career and some of the projects he's been involved with at the company recently. A taste:
Who are you and what is your role at BioWare?

Michael Gamble: My name is Michael Gamble and I'm a Producer at BioWare. I've been with BioWare since Mass Effect 2, and was at EA Canada before that.

Currently, I am focusing on downloadable content for Mass Effect 3. For this, I have to ensure that the plan for the numerous pieces of DLC content we are creating is in place, and work with the teams to get it done on time and at quality. I also work with the various departments to help determine the content for each of these DLC packs, as well as making sure the teams have everything they need to do a great job.


Can you tell us about one of your proudest moments working in game development?

MG: Releasing Lair of the Shadow Broker! Our goal for LotSB was to create one of the biggest and best pieces of single-player DLC that anyone has seen.

The team's development practices had greatly improved through working on ME2 and LotSB was an opportunity to be able to try out some exciting new things narrative and level design wise. For example, the showdown with a vanguard spectre, battling on top of a ship inside an atmospheric storm, unveiling the look of a brand new species, and, of course, the car chase level. These were all things that the team was able to pull off by taking some risks and being extremely creative. Not to mention, LotSB was also critically acclaimed and we were thrilled to see that the fans loved it.