Grim Dawn Kickstarter Project Update #15, $487,000 and Counting

There are only 8 more hours to go for Grim Dawn's Kickstarter campaign, and for the latest update to it, Crate Entertainment's Arthur Bruno offers a new music track, a new screenshot of some critters, and, most importantly, a new stretch goal: survival mode. Here's the relevant snip:
We've already burned through all of the original stretch goals, which I honestly didn't even imagine could happen only a couple days ago. Not only are SAVAGE two-handed melee weapons going in now but we're going to have three end-game bosses and now an entire new town! Not to mention the minor goal of new / higher quality developer beer, by popular request, to replace the sad beer from Update #10. ; )

This brings us to a point where we can start considering some other ambitious goals. First, we've added a minor goal at $490k just to help expand the content with a few more monsters and items. Next is a bigger goal that will allow us to add a new dungeon art-set that you'll get to vote on between catacombs, sewers and possibly other options (currently we have cellar, cave and mine). The big goal at $520k is a new Survival gameplay mode that backers (both KS and existing website pre-orders) will get for free and which will be released after the full game (so as not to delay development). In survival mode, you'll fight against waves of increasingly difficult enemies to test your mettle and see how how many waves you can survive. Should be a ton of fun in co-op!

With $486,692 raised as of this posting, survival mode doesn't look like a given, but Kickstarter project had pretty big spikes near the end in the past so I guess we shouldn't write it off either.