Conclave Revealed, Open Beta Begins

Independent developer 10x10 Room has technically had their browser-powered, co-op-friendly, role-playing simulator Conclave up and running for alpha and beta testing since 2011, but it wasn't until this past week that they launched open beta testing, and that's why we're just hearing about it now. How about a teaser trailer?

The premise is unique, the artwork is more than sufficient, the writing looks solid, and the focus on party-based adventuring and decision-making sounds compelling:
Conclave is a multiplayer web-based fantasy game that captures the spirit of tabletop gaming with friends.

'¢ Play with your friends. And we mean play not just send each other gifts! Work together to defeat your foes on the field of battle.
'¢ Play on your own schedule. No need to set aside hours to play, and you can take your turn anytime it's convenient: at lunch, during a break, whenever.
'¢ Play anywhere. Are you online? Good: you're playing Conclave. Desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, and so on. Nothing to download.
'¢ Explore an epic fantasy world. Original character races, foes, magical traditions, and intertwining stories bring Conclave to life.