Legends of Eisenwald Kickstarter Project Update #6, $51,000 and Counting

We haven't been keeping a close eye on the Legends of Eisenwald Kickstarter fundraising drive, but it's worth noting that they've successfully met their funding goal with 8 days to go. In the relevant and latest update, the team is now detailing some plans on the possible stretch goals for the project, so I'll take my snip from there:
To thank you all who helped us to get to the Eisenwald we are introducing a special scenario for you, our backers (A road to Iron Forest). This will be delivered with the game to all who supported us already and who will support us at Kickstarter.

After we get some sleep we will send you a mail to vote on stretch goals that include:

- Realistic two-stage castle assault

- Boarding battle for ships

- Possibility to upgrade castles and destroy/burn enemy castles or villages

- Seasons change on global map

- Collector's Edition Box for $175