Avernum: Escape From the Pit Reviews

Jeff Vogel's latest effort Avernum: Escape From the Pit, a remake of the original Avernum, seems to have garnered mostly positive reviews so far, and we have now rounded up three more of them to help paint a clearer picture of its reception.

Dealspwn, 8/10.
Avernum: Escape From The Pit is an excellent adventure that harks back to a simpler, better time. Though its slavish (and laudable) devotion to the grand old RPG traditions can come at the cost of immediate thrills, the sensational quality of its writing and world-building result in a thoroughly worthwhile experience.

Front Towards Gamers, 8.5/10.
I can say very little against this game. If you are looking for a classic style RPG in the vein of the old D&D/Wizardry/Ultima games, you have found it. It looks nice, plays well, and feels like exactly what the name suggests: You were tossed in, now find a way out yourself. or make a life for yourself in this new world. It's really up to you. True, I would have personally liked a little more from the sound department between lack of music and no voice acting at all, but these are really minor complaints to an otherwise really solid and old-school RPG title with a deep combat and character customization system.

If you are a fan of the old RPGs, you simply have to give this game a try. If you are tired of the hand-holding (here's a cupcake) style that tends to dominate video gamestoday, you may also find this a nice and challenging break.

Snackbar Games, 4/5.
While I enjoyed this game, it is very much designed for fans of this sort of RPG, and doesn't try to move too far away from what the previous games were. If you are a fan of old school PC RPGs, don't hesitate to check this out. It is available directly from the Spiderweb Software website and on Steam for both Mac and PC.