Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter Project Update #11, $1.68 Million and Counting

With about 25 hours to go and $1.68 million raised with Kickstarter so far, the folks at Harebrained Schemes have sent an eleventh project update for Shadowrun Returns, which includes a video of the team members talking about their Shadowrun memories:

And a snip:
Hey everybody!

Holy cow! You're killing it! Keep up the momentum!

With just one day left on the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter, the energy you're projecting into our little closet is absolutely crackling. (Thanks, we need it!)

In his fireside chat video update, Jordan waxed poetic about your personal Shadowrun stories and how they've inspired us. So much, that our normally camera-shy team members (and couple of our friends) were compelled to share some of their Shadowrun stories with you.

So while you've been pushing the project closer and closer to $1.75m and we've been crunching to finish our latest game, our friends at Bootstrapper Studios edited together this little ditty.


Again, we thank you for your incredible support in the closing hours of this amazing adventure.


#shadowrunreturns! #laboroflove
It's worth a reminder that if the Kickstarter should manage to reach $1.75 million or more, the physical agent will be added to the title's character roster, and at this point it's a very real possibility.