GB Feature: Majesty 2 Collection Review

Every once in awhile, we like to go back and dig into a game (or in this case, a series of titles) that we missed out on at the time of its release. Tonight, that game is Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim as it stands alongside its three expansion packs in the Majesty 2 Collection bundle. From the two-page review:
Monster Kingdom comes with a 10-mission campaign. In it, you're deposed as king, and so you have to use your former enemies -- the monsters -- as your allies to take back what is rightfully yours. This is a fun change of pace for the game, as monsters take on the roles previously filled by humans (goblins archers act as rangers, liches act as mages, minotaurs act as dwarves, and so forth), and you use them to defeat human kingdoms.

Unfortunately, possibly because Monster Kingdom came last, it's the sloppiest entry in the collection. The written text is full of typos, the spoken dialogue never matches the written text, tax collectors never pick up gold from goblin mines (which take the place of human windmills), and the last mission crashes like crazy (probably because there's a huge number of enemy units). Monsters also seem to dislike exploration flags, and so it's tough to get them to reveal the map.