Avernum: Escape From the Pit Reviews

It's time to chalk up a bevy of mostly favorable review scores for Spiderweb Software's Avernum: Escape From the Pit, courtesy of several PC- and iOS-centric websites around the 'net.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun goes without a score, as usual:
Don't be put off by this being the seventh Avernum game. It's a fresh start, a relaunch perhaps, and I've had no prior knowledge about the series and haven't hit a single issue for that. At just over a fiver, this is an exceptional amount of game, and a really great RPG. Quite how they're making those mistakes twenty games in I'm not quite sure, but often great writing, a simple and effective turn-based combat system, and a great sense of freedom and exploration make for a superb time that overrides the hefty niggles.

TouchArcade gives it a 4.5/5:
While Avadon served as a streamlined '˜introductory' experience to the world of classic RPGs, Avernum (as evidenced above) removes all the handholding in order to create a more open-ended experience. I believe this choice makes Avernum the more fulfilling and satisfying title, as well. The storytelling, customization, and sheer amount of content make this RPG a true powerhouse on iOS. There's also a certain amount of nostalgic satisfaction as newer gamers are able to experience a world made popular during the Mac shareware golden age. While there will undoubtedly be some who turn away because of the retro look and feel, a truly rewarding experience awaits anyone else willing to dive into the pit.

Slide to Play gives it a 4/4:
Avernum: Escape from the Pit HD is old-school, and we mean that in a good way. It's a game of astonishing depth, with a story that was crafted with care. You will easily find yourself getting lost for hours in the trials and tribulations of the world as you attempt to find your way through it. The problems with the combat and the merely utilitarian graphics and sound aren't enough to detract from the joy of playing this amazing game. For gamers chomping at the bit for the upcoming iOS version of Baldur's Gate, Avernum will remind you why you love these types of games in the first place.

We the Gamerz gives it a 4.5/5:
Avernum: Escape From The Pit is a old-styled RPG with a heap of accessibility. It promises a deep role-playing experience made to be played by both current and older generations of gamers. It blends together a satisfying combat system, a heap of content, and an exceptional sense of risk-versus-reward in a foreboding, well realized world. Yes, Avernum is indeed a dangerous place to be, but if you survive its trial by fire, you'll find an immensely rewarding experience layered underneath the surface.

Gaming Lives gives it a 7/10:
Avernum has all the depth and personality you'd find in popular, franchised universes throughout fiction, and manages to pull off a gripping, original fantasy premise without being clichéd or cheesy. It makes the out-dated silent-protagonist platform work and setting it so fittingly against an omniscient third-person narration pays off; the narrative goals and progression are delivered clearly, and you still project your emotions onto your silent team. The simple graphics at times enhance the world, the score lies comfortably in the background and combat/RPG elements take centre-stage, as you'd expect they would.

Unbound Gamer gives it a 90%:
Overall, Avernum is the most solid old-school RPG I have played in a very long time. With an extensive story, a huge cast of characters, and tons of customizability, Avernum: Escape From the Pit HD is a title that RPG gamers won't want to miss. Yes, it has a few issues here and there, but none large enough to stop you from continuing your long and perilous journey. What are you waiting for RPG fans? Go check it out now!

And Diehard GameFan comes in the lowest with a "Pretty Poor Game" verdict that tries to cast the game back to the 90s:
In a nutshell Avernum Escape from the Pit belongs in the nineties. There was no need for the game to be remade a second time just because the first remake was having issues running under current Windows 7 or the latest Mac OS. There are ways around that via Virtual PC programs. Avernum has so much reading in it that it bores me and the combat and exploration, though enjoyable, isn't strong enough to merit me to play for extended periods of time. Unless you never played Exile or Avernum 2000 I can't really recommend even picking up this game to even the most hardcore of computer RPG fans.