The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Reviews

The first wave of reviews for the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings are out, and so far it seems like the reception for CD Projekt's polished and ported to the Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is extremely encouraging, with excellent scores and glowing opinions across the board.

Eurogamer, 9/10.
The Witcher 2's timing is prescient. As Game of Thrones dominates the television ratings, just as Skyrim has dominated the game charts in recent months, the cultural appetite for fantasy is as high as it's ever been. Despite the competition, however, The Witcher 2 has an air of unique wonder about it. There's a weight and detail to the mythology that is beguiling, but CD Projekt's skill has been in making this relevant and meaningful to the player.

Where endless talk of mythical factions, rivalries and loyalty can drag even the best fantasy fiction down, in The Witcher 2, the backstory is as compelling as the plot that darts through it. And the weave of systems and story ensures that here is a legend as beautiful in the reality as it is in the telling.

NowGamer, 9.0/10.
The Witcher 2 raises the bar in so many ways that any RPG fan who misses it will regret it. While it isn't always easy to play, it's an engrossing and rewarding experience that exemplifies some of the best qualities of the genre.

GamesRadar, 9/10.
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is probably one of the best RPGs you'll play this year (if you haven't already). The immersive world, memorable characters, exhilarating combat, and branching storylines will have you coming back to play it again and again. CD Projeck Red seems to have put a lot of TLC into its beloved Witcher series and have delivered an even more complete package (adding the new tutorial, quests, and cut-scenes) than was available at The Witcher 2's original release. If you haven't played this brilliant RPG, dedicate you're next thirty hour gaming binge to the Witcher 2. You won't regret it.

Official Xbox Magazine UK, 9/10.
The Witcher 2 is a huge, complex and expertly written RPG that has the capacity to consume weeks, maybe even months of your life. While its roots are on the PC, it's translated effortlessly to the Xbox 360 with no compromises and stacks up well against the prettiest games on the system. It's more hardcore than Skyrim but by no means inaccessible and, crucially, rewards any extra time and effort you're prepared to put into the crafting and combat.

Plus, wait until you tell your grandkids about the time you laid siege to a mountain-top castle. Or the time you determined the fate of an entire race of people. Or the time you faced off against an angry, double-decker-bus-sized serving of calamari. Stories worth telling and definitely stories worth playing.

Games Catalyst, A.
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings may contain a lot of familiar elements, especially to hardened RPG fans, the usual magic, smithing/weapon creation, inventory organisation, but it ties them all together into undoubtedly one of the better packages out there. It's absorbing right the way through and most importantly, entertaining.

Did I mention the vodka-swilling alcoholic troll? No? What benevolent gamer wouldn't want to help the poor guy get your bit, save the workload for the Flotsam branch of AA, and plough into The Witcher 2.

Strategy Informer, 9.0/10.
Nevertheless this is an RPG you really have to own, and if you've been holding off for the console version rest assured you'll be getting a smooth experience that was well worth the year-long wait. The Witcher 2 itself is still an incredible title that really makes you feel that you're having an impact on the people and politics of this world, and the Enhanced Edition only makes it better. Have you bought it yet? Well, do so. Go on, Amazon's right around the corner.

Videogamer, 9/10.
While it runs on what would have been medium graphics on the PC version, this is a very small cross to bear for a game that brings itself to a mainstream audience - a place it deserves to be. While not necessarily as big a name as the products of BioWare or Bethesda, The Witcher 2 is still one of the most interesting developments in RPGs within the last ten years, and with a combination of additional content and cutscenes its Enhanced Edition on Xbox 360 is one of the most lovingly crafted fan-services you'll find.

AusGamers, 8.4/10.
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition is an unconventional and layered RPG with a steep learning curve that is not for the uninitiated or faint of heart. Baring a few faltering steps it is a well rounded and thought provoking tale offering far more than its linear progression should allow. Given the success of the PC sequel and the strides forward taken by the Enhanced Edition from a console perspective I'm looking forward to a third outing covering all platforms equally to see where Geralt of Rivia's epic journey takes him next.

ShopToNews, 6/6.
Quality fantasy RPG's are hard to come by on current consoles, many have tried and with the exception of Bethedsa and to a lesser extent, 38 Studios, most have failed to live up to expectations. In the Witcher 2, at last we have a challenger for the crown, it may not have Skyrim's open ended world, but what it does have is a story and action to match. CD Projekt has arrived on consoles in style, if this is just the beginning of that journey then I for one can't wait for the future.