The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Interview

RPGamer recently chatted up The Witcher 2 lead combat designer Maciej Szczesnik about the game's soon-to-be-released Enhanced Edition, with a majority of the questions referring specifically to the Xbox 360 version. A couple of questions I thought were a bit... strange:
RPG: Most companies exist to make money, so why do you keep offering DLC for free to PC gamers? Not that we mind, but it goes against what all the other big studios are doing. We're not going to get free DLC on the 360 version, are we?

MS: All companies exist to make money and so do we. We never started a CD Projekt Charity branch. Giving DLCs for free is just treating your customer seriously. Gamers shouldn't pay for small add-ons. This is just a normal post-sale service. This is our approach, we will see how it will work on the other platform.


RPG: The Witcher 2 was known for being a mature title and even contained a fair bit of nudity. Is any of that mature content going to be removed from the 360 version? Just to be blunt, will we see bush on the 360?

MS: As I said before no content was deleted or censored. But let's not beat around the bush. The maturity of The Witcher really does not come from us showing naked women. We're not children here getting excited over a nipple. Our audience has to be grown-up to appreciate the subtleties of the moral choices in the game.

We really created an ambitious game and we didn't want to limit our artistic expression. Nudity is considered normal in the best TV shows nowadays, especially when it serves the story so why should gamers be treated like children? The sex themes in The Witcher 2 are deeply rooted in the story, and they are not there just to show off. They are the part of the history we want to tell and the game world. I think we integrated them into the game with taste.