Every Copy of The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition on Amazon is Signed by the Development Team

Despite the fact that they haven't publicized it whatsoever, Eurogamer has learned that the development team at CD Projekt RED is hand-signing every single copy of The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition being sold by Amazon (in the UK only, apparently). Of course, the signatures are only going to be available on the original launch stock, so future orders won't be quite as collectable:
Every copy available at launch has received a signature from someone at developer CD Projekt. How many is that? Thousands, said publisher Namco Bandai. Their poor hands!

Orders made after the launch allocation runs out won't receive a signed copy. RSI is a painful thing.
They even have some pictures of some of the team members signing the stacks of game covers.  And yes, this is the sort of thing that keeps a company from "winning" at those dubious award ceremonies.