Legend of Grimrock Review

I'm not sure if they were given an early pass or if this is just a case of someone jumping the embargo (that we ourselves are under), but PCGames.de has published a three-page review of Legend of Grimrock, which hands Almost Human's dungeon crawler its very first score of 82%. From Google Translate, with a few edits for readability:
Despite the real-time battle mechanics are precise targets or active blocking neither possible nor necessary - Legend of Grimrock is not an action game! Most of the fights are fair, only towards the end, the developers get bogged down a bit: the final battle is more annoying than thrilling. Our suggestion, which is basically valid for the entire game, is to save often!

The game may be old fashioned, but old-fashioned it is not: the 3D graphics are impressive! All the monsters are well designed and well animated, the textures are sharp and believable lighting and shadow effects create dense spooky mood. In general, the technique deserves kudos: The game ran smoothly on our test systems and stable - no bugs, no crashes to complain about, nothing! That the game almost eliminated the need for background music, is indeed regrettable, but not detrimental to the dense atmosphere. Improved sound effects of the atmosphere, however, have certainly done well.

Anyone who takes time to find all of the game's secrets will find themselves spending at least 15 hours with Legend of Grimrock. The game is a solid offernig for the money, after all, it's just 15€ or less with a pre-order.
Thanks, Mbessert.