The Faces of RED: Michal Krzemiński

The lead-up to the release of The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition continues with the availability of a second "Faces of RED" developer profile on the official The Witcher website. This time, we're introduced to art producer Michal Krzemiński:
2) Describe your work on the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2:

MK: As you may know we've decided to add massive content to the third act of our game. Besides new quests, locations and characters we added new loading movies, ending boards, cut-scenes, outro, etc. Overall the team added about 35 minutes of new animations and cinematics - and that's what I was mainly focused on. The outro itself consists of a series of final boards and a short cut-scenes made with the REDengine. The final boards are really a cool thing. These are short summaries of the players in game choices, showing their impact on the game world. You know, something like the end of Fallout 1 and 2, when we learned what happened with the places the player visited.


5) If you were to convince someone to play The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition in a text message (140 chars.) how would you do it?

MK: It will be more than 140 characters, sorry: If you're bored with all these "fantasy super hero life changing choices" you really don't care about, than you have to (have to!) play Witcher 2. You will feel like playing a mature game with thoughtful decisions, great dialog (oh, these dwarfs are real bastards!) awesome voice acting and very cool quests. It's going to be the best looking game on Xbox 360 ever released!