Build Your Own Skyrim, Part 3: Let's Have Fun

For the third and final part of their modding guide the folks at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have focused on those mods that "make the world or playing in it a bit more interesting and fun", which translates to mods such as new spells that easily let you climb mountains, alternate starts that let you avoid the prisoner beginning, dragon transformation and... posh mudcrabs. Here's a snippet:
But if you're determined to take to the skies, there's only one conveyance that makes sense in the world of Skyrim. Can you guess? Go on, just for fun. Fine, be that way. Sadly the mod I'm about to link to has some trouble, but it's actively being worked on and I'm sure the problems will crumble. The Dragon's Curse lets you morph into a Dragon. That much is awesome. You have shouts, fire, you're a terrifying vision of flame-filled terrifyingess, flicking your tail out at puny humans and snapping at them with your mighty jaws. You'll note I haven't mentioned '˜flying majestically', or even '˜hopping slightly'. While flying is an option, it's still liable to crash the game. You need to save the game when you've transformed into a dragon then load that save. After that you can launch into the skies. It's close to working, and the hefty animation of the great lizard is enough to make me recommend it, but while it's still more potential than realisation, soon this will be the best damn dragon-transformation mod on the Workshop and/or Nexus.

Similarly, but only that it's in Skyrim and somewhat involves dragons is Skyrim: Warzones. When Jim talked about the joy of watching NPCs battling it out without your interference this was the mod he was unintentionally imagining and with the power of his thoughts made it be: it creates vast battles in the wilderness, faction versus faction fistycuffing it out. You get to see electricity zapping in the distance as giants stalk past, clubbing at everyone around them, and you'll be attacked or defended if you have certain allegiances. What's neat about this mod is just how those battles take place: they're somewhat instanced, so it's not an all-out war, but instead pockets of land are given over for the fight clubs to meet: when you know where one is you can come back whenever you're in the mood for a stramash. It's a lot of fun.