The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Preview and Interview

After spending some hands-on time with The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition and chatting up CD Projekt RED level artist Mark Ziemak (presumably at GDC), the guys over at SPOnG have packed all of the information they gleaned into a detailed preview and a brief Q&A feature. The latter is particularly interesting, as Mr. Ziemak expresses some concerns about crafting future DLC, as Microsoft likely won't let them release it for free on the Xbox 360:
SPOnG: This is quite a hardcore RPG and previously it's only been available to a PC audience. How do you feel a console audience will react to the game, given that the range of players is probably much broader?

Mark Ziemak: First of all, we are aware that there are some casual players on console, but on the other hand I think people are educated enough and ready for quite a... maybe not a '˜hardcore' experience, but more of a '˜true' RPG. It's not like The Witcher is going to be hard to start playing for anyone. You don't need to be a master at games to get into it.

Sure, the game may not be very easy, but you have the Easy setting that will allow you to enjoy the storyline and make choices and consequences. So we're not really afraid. I think people will enjoy it. There are games like Demon's Souls which are really challenging, and still have their audience. So I think we will satisfy a lot of players.

SPOnG: You guys have been very pro-active in issuing all of these free patches and DLC for the PC version. But are you intending to continue with that - and if so, how do you intend to do that with Microsoft, who are pretty notorious for not allowing much in the way of free DLC?

Mark Ziemak: That's a tricky question, because I don't know yet. We knew that we might have a... problem, or that this sort of thing might not be allowed, which is why we decided to launch all the DLCs that were created for the PC and all the extra content right away on the console game disc. That way, there is no problem. As for the future - I don't know, we'll have to think of something a little later on maybe. I'm not sure if we already have a solution yet. But of course, we would like to keep up the good work.

On the other hand, maybe... it's a really defined and rounded version of the game, the console edition. So perhaps we won't have to create new improvements. Maybe it's already close to being perfect (laughs).