Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Q&A #3

A third community Q&A has surfaced on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website, with this week's questions dealing with the continued work the team is doing on a LFG system, when we might see more character emotes, whether or not swoop racing and pazaak will ever be added to the game, why there are no plans to add more starships, and more. A sampling, as usual:
Toxin_Polaris: Do you plan to have mini-games like swoop races or pazaak? And if so what is the priority for this? Can we expect them this year?

Damion Schubert: We love mini-games, especially the ones that speak to the heritage of KOTOR. When would something like pazaak make its way to you? Hard to say - it's not on our immediate horizon, and we'd most likely do it at a point where we want to make a large splash.


Twaggy: I find it troublesome to compare mods/enhancements/armoring/hilts/crystals that are installed in my armor or lightsaber. Will you be implementing something that lets you see the stats of what you have (like the comparability you can do of the boots - boots or jacket - jacket)?

Georg Zoeller: This is a convenience feature on our list of things to look at once the higher priority UI features and community requests have been addressed. We definitely think it's a good idea, but where it falls in terms of prioritization makes it impossible to give you an ETA at this point.