101 Things GamesRadar Wants Added to Star Wars: The Old Republic

GamesRadar has penned a pretty lengthy list of 101 additions they'd like to see in BioWare Austin's Star Wars: The Old Republic in the future, ranging from aesthetic nitpicks to gameplay considerations. Here's a snip:
38. Story missions that we can take our entire team on, like the last mission in Mass Effect 2. There are a few in the game, but there should be many more.

39. Let us talk more with our companions after we max out their affection. After we hit cap, they just... stopped talking to us. Did we say something wrong?

40. More companion missions. Let's hear their stories now that ours are done.


55. Shared banks with the Legacy system to let us share between our characters.

56. Shared crafting on each server. If we don't want to learn a new craft on an alt we should be able to just use our other character's companions to craft with.

57. Shareable companions with the Legacy system.


60. Something like Rifts' rifts maybe downed ships that we can activate a distress beacon on to spawn dynamic content.

61. More dynamic content in general.

61. Large, open events on the later planets, like Rift's invasions.

63. Better protection in cities and at spawn points in cities from enemy faction attacks. Even on PvP servers, people need to be able to spawn.