The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim v1.4.21 PC Beta Patch Released, Impressions

Since Skyrim's new v1.4.21 beta update is so small ("Fixed bug related to hitching between cell boundaries." is the extent of it), I thought I'd couple the announcement with this new impressions piece on GameSpy that goes into great detail on what the new v1.4 patch contains.
For those of you that were running mods like Skyboost to enhance your Skyrim experience by upping the frame rate, well, you can stop using them. Whether you're gazing down at the sweeping vistas from the Throat of the World, trekking through the wilderness, or strolling through a city, you will likely see a solid bump in your FPS with the latest update.

Sure, there are dozens of bug and quest fixes, and for many of you, that's what 1.4 will be all about. For Skyrim players like me that never really experienced any significant issues with the game, though, 1.4 is all about the optimizations Bethesda has made in terms of performance. Bottom line: the 1.4 patch makes Skyrim run better, and most of you will notice the difference. And that's why I recommend you not only download Skyrim update 1.4 when it's released in full, but the Skyrim 1.4 beta right now.