J.E. Sawyer's Fallout: New Vegas Mod Updated to V3

Game developers' own mods are always particularly interesting for a variety of reasons, and that of Fallout: New Vegas project director J.E. Sawyer is no exception, as it bumps the difficulty of the game and makes a series of sweeping changes to the game balance. Recently he has release an update to it, which fixes some bugs and makes some more balance changes:
* Sturdy Caravan Shotgun added to ShotgunSurgeonWeaponsList
* Super Slam, Piercing Strike, Unstoppable Force, Slayer set to have OR conditionals for equivalent Unarmed or Melee Weapon skill levels.
* Lead Belly now negates ST penalty from eating raw meat (of all kinds).
* IsHardcore condition on raw meat ST reduction removed. This means you will always suffer ST loss from eating raw meat unless you have Lead Belly.
* Ninja now adds 15% to Critical Hit Chance with Melee/Unarmed (instead of multiplying by 1.15). Prereq allows Melee Weapons or Unarmed to qualify.
* Lady Killer and Cherchez La Femme damage bonuses increased from 10% to 15% due to proportionally lower numbers of female characters in the game.
* Demolition Expert now has only 2 ranks. Each rank grants +10% damage and +10% larger explosion radius. Don't worry; Explosives are still very powerful.
* Marksman Carbine and All-American removed from Grunt list.
* Battle Rifle and This Machine added to Grunt list.
* Mercenary's Grenade Rifle, Great Bear Grenade Rifle, and Red Victory Grenade Rifle added to Grunt list. * Plasma Spaz now (also) increases attack rate with plasma weapons by 20%.
* Rad Absorption now decreases radiation 10x faster (was 1 per 20 seconds is now 1 per 2 seconds).
* In Shining Armor perk condition fixed to get the Attacker Weapon as EnergyWeapons.
* Stonewall DT bonus vs. Melee/Unarmed weapons increased from 5 to 10.
* Missing metal armors (NCR Salvaged Power Armor, Gecko-Backed, etc.) added to In Shining Armor list.
* Composite Recon Armor removed from In Shining Armor list.
* Loneseome Road metal armors and helmets (e.g. Armor of the 87th Tribe, Marked Beast helmets) added to In Shining Armor lists.
* Elijah's Last Words Attack Speed bonus replaced with 25% damage bonus and extended to Unarmed weapons. Condition set up properly.
* Elijah's Ramblings Melee Weapons critical hit bonus dropped to 25%
* Roughin' It Bedroll Kit weight dropped from 15 to 10
* Blood Sausage healing effect dropped from 5 points per second to 2 points per second.
* Blood Sausage and Black Blood Sausage marked as Food Items (affected by Survival and count toward Desert Survivalist).
* Thin and Thick Red Pastes marked as Food Items.
* Red Pastes and Blood Sausages VAL reduced to the 5-15 range as an economy-preserving measure. All now Restore Starvation in Hardcore.
* Them's Good Eatin' drop rate lowered from 50% to 15%.
* Implant GRX daily uses dropped from 5 to 2 and 10 to 3 for each rank, respectively.

* Logan's Loophole updated to max out at 21 (was 20) since someone pointed out that the age limit in the book was 21 (30 in the film and original perk).
* Meltdown now only triggers from plasma weapon kills (anything affected by Plasma Spaz). This was previously an undocumented change (sorry).
* Cass's Caravan Shotgun spread reduced and DAM/Crit DAM increased significantly (due to her relatively late acquisition in the game).