The Challenge of Creating Star Wars: The Old Republic

In a new interview on IGN, Star Wars: The Old Republic game director James Ohlen addresses questions about the game's challenging development, their decision to go with a subscription-based model, what their workload has been like post-release, and more. It's good to hear that the team understands that constant updates are crucial to the game's long-term success:
IGN: How has fan feedback influenced the updates and expansion plans for The Old Republic?

Ohlen: We have multiple ways that we can get feedback from our fan base. We have quantum metrics on what our players are doing, where they're spending most of their time, how often and where they're dying, how often they are playing war zones, etc. I get reports from our community on what the tops concerns within the community are so I can see what is the community really worried about or upset about at any given moment. We also do surveys within the game. We get players to talk about the game and explain what they like and what they don't like. We take all that information and it does help inform what we're going to do for the next major game updates and even further in the future wanting to do for expansions.

IGN: Are there changes you've already made as a result of this input?

Ohlen: Our auction house system, which we call the Galactic Trade Network, launched with a limited search and that was just simply due to what resources we could apply to that. Since launch, our community told us that they really wanted a much stronger, fully-featured search system, so that was a priority for us after launch and we've upgraded it.