Dungeons of Dredmor Community Spotlight #2

For the second community spotlight feature to hit the Gaslamp Games website, Daynob brings some attention to the skill-specific "Wind Magic" and "Cooliomancy" mods for Dungeons of Dredmor. Here's what you'll get from the former:
(You are the master of all winds in the sealed off underground dungeon with no access to the sky.)

Clearly, the description was enough to intrigue me.

This skill is based both on utility and damage. The first ability is a frontal AoE with knockback, which would also be useful to non-mages. The second is a teleport with an added dodge and sneakiness bonus.

The next three let you silence monsters, stun them, and move around the battlefield all while doing damage.

As you can see, they're designed to work with most builds, but the cost will be steep for melee characters.

The capstone ability is probably the most fun to use, creating a large storm around you that buffs you, rains on all nearby tiles and strikes enemies with lightning for many turns to debuff and kill them.
David jumps in at the end to talk about some artwork he sent out for a fan's birthday, too. Very cool of him.