Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.1: Rise of the Rakghouls Released

After what amounted to a very brief delay, BioWare Austin brings us the good news that Update 1.1: Rise of the Rakghouls has officially launched for Star Wars: The Old Republic. You can check out their landing page if you'd like an overview of what's included in the content patch, or you can opt for the full patch notes if you prefer to know every detail:
Star Warsâ„¢: The Old Republicâ„¢ Game Update 1.1: '˜Rise of the Rakghouls' is now live! This game update features a number of additions to the game, including a brand new Flashpoint titled '˜Kaon Under Siege' and an expansion to the '˜Karagga's Palace' Operation that more than triples its size!

In addition to the new playable content and new item sets that you can acquire, Game Update 1.1 includes a number of bug and other various fixes which you can see in detail in the Game Update 1.1 Patch Notes.