GB Feature: Sequence Review

Those of you looking for something new, obscure, and yet curiously entertaining to play on PC might want to check out our full review of Sequence, the unique rhythm/RPG crossbreed that indie developer Iridium Studios released in October of last year. Here's a sampling:
We've seen the casual-oriented puzzle RPG genre growing at a steady rate ever since Puzzle Quest released back in 2007, with Infinite Interactive following their initial success up several times over. More recently, we took a look at the similar "poker battle" RPG, Runespell: Overture, which took the core gameplay style of Puzzle Quest and changed up the core puzzle mechanic, as well as replacing equipment, spells and creatures with cards.

Now, another indie RPG in the same field takes a stab at the same type of gameplay, but with another twist. Sequence can best be described as the first in the previously non-existent rhythm RPG genre. Rather than puzzles, Sequence manages to carve out a niche for itself with addictive gameplay inspired by Dance Dance Revolution, infused with stats, equipment, and a fully-voiced story to carry it along. While the grind inherent in these sorts of games is just as prevalent as ever, the "rhythm battles" Sequence brings to the table are a lot of fun, and the originality of it all makes Sequence stand out in the crowd.