Star Wars: The Old Republic Interview

The guys over at TORWars caught up with BioWare's Greg Zeschuk for a very brief Q&A about how the Star Wars: The Old Republic launch went, what character he's currently playing, and what celebratory activities went down at the BioWare Christmas party.
TORWars: What are your in-game plans for when the game goes live? For example, what character class will you fire up first? Is there a BioWare guild you'll be running with?

Zeschuk: I had a funny experience in my first week or two of gameplay in that I kept changing what character I was playing. First I rolled a Sith Inquisitor, only to discover that everyone else I play with had also rolled one, so I put that character on hold and promptly rolled a Bounty Hunter. Then I realized the Bounty Hunter story was the one I was the most familiar with, so I instead swapped to a Sith Warrior (and ultimately Juggernaut) as I had played a Marauder in my last playtest right before we launched and wanted to see how that story ended. Convoluted yes, but I'm having a ton of fun with my Juggernaut. I definitely notice the reduction in damage versus my Marauder but I also am super resilient (even when I'm wearing the modded-up Security Key tanking bikini top and yes, my Juggernaut is female).

We do have a couple BioWare guilds, but we can't tell you where they are, or their names. They are top secret. And no, they aren't the BioWarriors or the Knights of Neverwinter.