Two Dozen Things RPS Wants in XCOM: UFO Defense

06 Jan 2012

The editors at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have slapped up a wishlist of two dozen gameplay elements they'd like to see in XCOM: UFO Defense, Firaxis Games' newly announced entry to the beloved squad-based strategy/RPG series. I can certainly get on board with most of these:
6) The original aliens, somewhat modernised. X-COM’s foes largely stem from b-movie stereotypes, and that’s just the way I like it. I’m quite intrigued by the transforming oblongs of the XCOM shooter, but they don’t strike me as being fun to hunt down in a slow-burn strategy game. I want iconic shapes, with faces to shoot at. I would like my Sectoids and Floaters and Ethereals to be proper scary though – not the comic booky 1994 look.


9) We must still be able to rename our squaddies, even if that does allow us to have soldiers called “Dick Dickless.”

And I’d love a way to upload my team roster online, for posterity and willy-waving. I would kill to have a permanent record of my squad from my first playthrough of the original game.


13) Minimal story and exposition. Everything that needs to be told can come from Researching alien items and lifeforms to study and act upon at my leisure. I don’t need a big cutscene explaining what and where Cydonia is, I just want a brief message saying that flying there is now possible.


20) OK, I know console versions have been announced, but can we please have the PC version on a separate development track? A hobbled, gamepad-centric interface would just be the saddest thing. We need full keyboard and mouse support, mods, the lot.

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