GB Feature: Drakensang: Phileasson's Secret Review

In the event that you're making a list for the inevitable Steam holiday sale or were simply left craving more after finishing Drakensang: The River of Time, you'll likely want to check out our full review of the game's add-on, Phileasson's Secret. An excerpt:
The smaller of the two quests is a treasure hunt that leads you to a pair of caves. It's a cute little side distraction that has a few small surprises in store for you, but it doesn't do anything interesting with its decent premise, and despite the "treasure hunt" story it doesn't really let you figure out puzzles or maps as much as you'd hope, other than once providing a set of instructions guiding you to a cave entrance. The caves are short with easy and quick fights. It's a nice little extra, but it's not what you're paying for when you buy this add-on.

Essentially, you are paying for the main quest, which explores a lot of things that earlier Drakensang titles didn't have a chance to highlight yet. It opens up with Thorwalians (vikings) sailing in on their Ottajaskos (longships), and introduces captain Asleif "Foggwulf" Phileasson, a legendary character that has featured in the lore of the pen and paper The Dark Eye for more than a decade. Phileasson takes off before the player reaches the ships, and following him you find yourself in a very unusual setting indeed: an ancient "elemental city" named Tie'Shianna, one of the legendary realms of the high elves in the world of the Dark Eye. The player also gets to meet a Moha, one of a tribal forest-dwelling society.