Vampire: Bloodlines v7.9 Beta Unofficial Patch Released

Wesp5 chose to go with a beta edition for his latest v7.9 unofficial Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines patch, so if you happen upon any bugs, you know what to do. The changelog indicates that we'll have some new music to listen to:
'¢ +Restored Giovanni spirit, video victim and fifty five scenery props.
'¢ +Changed condition for forklift sequence and restored Protean icons.
'¢ +Added option to send Gimble to Vandal and a museum panel inspection.
'¢ +Restored final two music pieces, thanks to Malkav and Rik Schaffer.
'¢ Corrected Romero not mailing and Vandal not giving additional lines.
'¢ Fixed chandelier and camera rod textures and drinking glasses clip.
'¢ Removed newspaper from downtown in basic and fixed minor map issues.
'¢ Added Packfile Explorer 3.9 to Extras folder, thanks to Dave Gaunt.
'¢ Fixed Hitman quest problem and restored lines of Lu Fang and Carson.
'¢ Repaired dancer behaviour at Confession and added it for Glaze too.
'¢ Restored Blood Hunt music, ballroom shaft of light and Sin Bin sign.