Infinity Blade II Preview

The folks at USA Today have put together a first impressions piece for the upcoming sequel to ChAIR Entertainment's iOS action RPG, due to release on this Thursday. Here's a snip:
The key change in Infinity Blade II combat is two extra weapon choices. Along with a sword and shield, players can opt to use a heavy, two-handed weapon or wield two swords at the same time. While each brings a set of advantages, such as increased damage, there are some drawbacks. For example, when using a heavy weapon, players can only block attacks, while dual-wielding characters can only dodge oncoming strikes.

Each weapon type feels quite satisfying to use, and requires different tactics to properly master. Plus, as a result of the new fighting styles, the weapons arsenal for Infinity Blade II is much larger.

The sequel also introduces gems, enhancements players add to equipment to provide an extra boost. Players can improve their chances of collecting gold or items, beef up their defenses and add wind damage to a mêlée attack.