Over a Million Hours of Testing Last Weekend for The Old Republic

Talking to Eurogamer at BAFTA BioWare co-founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka revealed that more that 1 million hours of testing went into the stress test from last weekend for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Here's a couple of quotes from the chat:
"What's really important is it's stable and reliable and doesn't crash all of the time. If you put a whole bunch of stuff in right at the end it makes it less stable, so we're controlling the end. This is how we finish most games. What we do is, early on in development the pipe is really big. Anyone can put stuff into the game and then we narrow it and narrow it and narrow it. Now we're in this narrow pipe phase where stuff is still going in, but it's being carefully measured.

"Against that we're testing. This weekend we had a big test - tens upon tens of thousands. One crazy number is we had over a million hours of testing over the weekend. It was a huge test, and there are even bigger ones coming. The key thing is for us to take those learnings, apply them and make the service really stable. We're happy with the game."

It sounds like BioWare is putting a considerable effort in ensuring that the launch is as stable as possible, hopefully it will work out.