PC Skyrim is a Frustrating Mess and Will Soon be the Best Version

Much has been said about the good points of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, with excellent scores and sales across the board, but if there's one thing the press and gamers alike didn't appreciate one bit is the choice of interface for the PC version of the title, with Ars Technica chiming in to add their thoughts on the subject:
So the game is bad? Or I should buy it on a console?

No, absolutely not. The game is wonderful, and it's a pleasure to get lost in Skyrim's story. There are plenty of mysteries to solve and enemies to fight, and the game can be played a variety of ways. I've invested way too many hours into it already, and I've barely scratched the surface of what Skyrim has to show me. When other games are sold for $60 and can be finished in under 10 hours, the amount of content included in Skyrim feels almost criminal. There is already talk of DLC, which is insanity; is anyone out there close to being bored with the content that already exists?

The PC version of the game may seem like a clunky mess now, but Bethesda has promised the release of a full suite of tools modders will able to use to bend the game to their will. I've already spoken to people who are in the process of "fixing" the menus, and mods that increase the game's usability should hit the Internet days, if not hours, after the tools are available, and maybe even before. Give it two months, and the PC version should be honed to perfection.