The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Performance Analysis

Considering how it's been one of the biggest releases this year, it's unsurprising that Eurogamer would dedicated one of their Digital Foundry face-offs to Skyrim, and as expected with a title from Bethesda this generation, the PC version comes out on top performance and graphics-wise, while the PlayStation 3 version appears to have gotten the short end of the stick yet again. Here are their conclusions:
For those lucky enough to be multi-platform owners, the 360 version also comes recommended for its more stable frame-rate. With that being said, they're both perfectly acceptable taken on their own terms, and the core of Skyrim's complex open-world design remains entirely intact on each. However, the save game issue on PS3 remains a concern and we'll continue to carry on playing there in order to see if its manifestation necessitates a blog update.

Meanwhile, it goes without saying that the PC offers the best-case-scenario experience, with mod tools likely set to add to the long-term appeal of the game. If you can afford even a medium-level rig, and would like to dabble in the range of tweaks possible to the game's engine, this option is well worth your time and money.