Mass Effect's Garrus Vakarian Could Answer Your Phone

This is kind of neat. The guys over at g33kwatch have organized a Mass Effect Marathon, during which "a team of gamers will play Mass Effect 1 & 2 for three days straight to encourage viewers to donate to Child's Play Charity." On top of that, they'll be raffling off prizes and will be hosting a few silent auctions in which one winner will be able to have Garrus Vakarian voice actor Brandon Keener put together a voice mail answering message for you.
Brandon Keener, Voice of Garrus
Calibrates Your Voice Mail

We're not going to lie here . this is pretty much one of the coolest things ever. Brandon Keener, whom you may know as the voice actor for Garrus Vakarian, has agreed to be a part of Mass Effect Marathon 2. The winner of this silent auction will have the opportunity to have Brandon Keener leave you a voice mail, or even craft your voice mail message for you. When you win this, we'll ask you what you would like him to say to you / for you and we'll go from there! This is a once in a life time opportunity so good luck!
That should bring in a reasonable amount, I'd think.