The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim "The World of Skyrim" Developer Diary

Bethesda's developer diary series for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues with a new podcast, video segment, and diary that focus entirely on the game world. There isn't any developer commentary in the trailer this time around, but at least we get a great look at several different environments and NPCs:

And the expected excerpt from the text portion:
Every facet of Skyrim's aesthetic was influenced by the world itself, making environment design an early priority.

(It helps define so much of the game for us,) explained lead artist Matt Carofano. (That's sort of our main character of the game what is the world?)

After taking a hand-crafted approach to the world design of Fallout 3, the art team set out to double their efforts in bringing that level of detail to the more expansive and varied acreage of Skyrim.

(We found by doing Fallout 3 that making a completely hand-done world just looks a lot better; it's more interesting, it just feels better. So we ramped up the landscape team and worked on that from the beginning.

(Every rock, every tree, every ingredient plant, was all placed by an artist or level designer to make sure the world was well-crafted.)