Star Wars: The Old Republic Early Access Details, Revan Novel Excerpts

Not only is the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website spilling two chapter excerpts from Drew Karpyshyn's upcoming Revan novel (due out November 15th), but it's also sporting details on how the early game access will work. In short, redeeming your code sooner rather than later will net you up to five early days of playing:
One of the benefits to pre-ordering Star Wars: The Old Republic is that you will gain Early Game Access before launch on December 20th. This is a chance to start your epic Star Wars saga early, as you'll be able to create and play your character ahead of the official live game launch.

Many of you have been wondering how long Early Game Access will last, and we are now happy to announce that depending on when you redeem your Pre-Order Code, you will gain Early Game Access up to five days before the official game launch date.

Early Game Access is staggered over five days to ensure a quality experience for players at launch. Staggering access aids server stability and a gradual increase in player population through the game. Early Game Access will be granted according to when your Pre-Order Code is redeemed at the Code Redemption Center. If you have not yet pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic, there's still time! Visit our Pre-Order page for more information and watch the Collector's Edition Unboxing video for a peek inside this highly coveted edition of the game.

And how about an excerpt from Revan, Chapter 11?
REVAN WAS AMAZED by the efficiency of the Mandalorians. Veela's order spread quickly through the camp, prompting everyone into a flurry of activity. Each individual had a specific job, which they carried out with military precision. Some took down the tents, wrapping them into tightly rolled bundles and packing them away into footlockers along with small personal items. Others emptied the supply hut, loading the crates of food, generators, heaters, and fuel onto the heavy cargo sleds.

Within an hour they were under way, all trace of their old camp left behind as three dozen men and women headed out in a long, well-spaced column.

A team of six led by Edric scouted up ahead to find the best path and to make sure the way was clear. Another half dozen fell farther back to guard the column's flank. The rest marched in pairs between the two patrols; while one pulled the cargo sled, the other marched alongside with weapons drawn, wary for an ambush. Every hour the partners would switch positions.

In the middle of the column, the six Basilisk war droids trudged along, each towing a massive cargo sled loaded with hundreds of kilos of gear. To Revan, they looked like five- meter- tall, two- legged dragons. They walked with heavy, lumbering strides, their wings folded beneath their long metallic bodies. High- powered laser cannons were mounted on their flexible, armored necks, allowing the droids to fire in all directions. Each was controlled by a single pilot seated atop the curved spine.

Not surprisingly, Veela was one of the pilots; commanding a Basilisk war droid was an honor reserved for only the most revered warriors of the clan. Revan couldn't help but notice Canderous casting wistful glances at the great metal beasts, recalling his own days of glory now that he was forced to walk beside them.

Veela set a grueling pace, which offered plenty of distraction from both idle thoughts and the biting cold. When they stopped for a one-hour break at midday, Revan felt as if he might collapse into the nearest snowbank. All he wanted to do was eat his food and rest up for the next leg of the journey, but that was not to be.