Vampire: Bloodlines v7.8 Unofficial Patch Released

Another one of Wesp5's unofficial Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines patches is out, and this time it bring Troika's classic CRPG to version 7.8. The changelog is only slightly smaller than what we saw from v7.7:
'¢ +Added Masquerade violation on public sweeper kill, thanks to Malkav.
'¢ +Made artificial claws do only lethal damage according to WoD rules.
'¢ +Restored hidden sequence about Obfuscated Sabbat in SM but moved it.
'¢ Added original particles to basic so it will revert them from plus.
'¢ Toned new music on the pier down and improved Obfuscate description.
'¢ Repaired Victor loop and added glass breaking sounds to beachhouse.
'¢ Decreased skybox reflections in SM and the ENB mod, thanks to Felix.
'¢ Re-fixed theatre camera bug and corrected several minor map issues.
'¢ Fixed schrecknet commands being available after hubs were activated.
'¢ Added diagonal third person view camera commands to keydef options.
'¢ Removed Jack from haven during taxi ride and repaired Phil/Bill fix.
'¢ Made it possible to continue E's quest after visiting Vandal often.
'¢ Added bus stop and sewer map landmarks and fixed a lamp texture bug.